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Spindel attend the thirteenth Walking in Dalian


The Staffs of Dalian Spindel enviromental facilities Co.,Ltd at the tip of the Group's organization, and company executives under the leadership of each minister attended the Thirteenth Dalian International Walking. Group participants wearing uniform clothing, meandering long, this large team, will dress up along with the sky and sea, as beautiful as the picture.

The General Assembly set off on foot for the theme "Health, peace, exchange" before the foot, the company leadership has repeatedly stressed that the process of participation will enjoy this walk on foot, low-carbon, environmentally friendly lines go, hand in hand with each other support, do not give any employee, do not abandon the foot of each section of the road.

As a subsidiary of the Group of the iceberg, and our other enterprise employees do not understand, through this event, we have never met to get to know as a friend, in this event in the conclusion of friendship and trust. Everyone the courage to face tired body, encourage each other toward the intended target. Enjoy together Linmusensen, blue sky.

Fast walking alone, all gone. A single person to trek, then a long way, and then away, then the difficulties we have to go alone in silence. To go far, more wonderful life, all employees must brainstorming, complementarity, solidarity, in order to come to the goal we want to go. In this way there will be ups and downs, setbacks and difficulties, we must help each other go. Because this is our way of life must not be bypassed, irreplaceable growth path.

Like walking process so that we will de Cadiz frequency lines go hand in hand together, to face the unknown obstacles and difficulties!

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