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Cooling Tower Research Summit 2012 Dandong


August 8, 2012, 14 domestic cooling tower production and research units of the most influential directors gathered in Dandong, Liaoning Province, to discuss the development of the cooling tower Industry Association, Dalian cooling tower Co., Ltd. de Cadiz frequency as the cooling tower of the study director one of the units, attended the summit (see picture).

The summit has six main elements:
First by the China General Machinery Industry Association (pass Association) Zhang Yu leopard Secretary-General informed the meeting about the preparations and the development of the Association pass through the cooling equipment branch of the Association. Cooling equipment as a branch of the Association through the secondary branch, has been through the Association for the office will be discussed by the current report the SASAC approval, after the adoption can be officially registered to run in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, set up between the cooling tower business and government bridge, designed to provide a platform for research and business development for the Association members.
Its parent: pass Association in April 1989 is approved by People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs and the relevant departments, set up the registration of national social organizations, social groups with legal personality, based on pumps, fans, compressors, valves gas separation and liquefaction equipment, and application of vacuum equipment, filtration and separation machinery, reduction gearbox, drying equipment, general machinery industry and related sectors of production enterprises, as well as related research and design institutes, engineering and trading company, asset management operating companies, universities and other community groups and voluntary organizations to participate in large-scale industries, coupled with cooling equipment branch two clubs a total of 12, is the 25 industry associations in large-scale organizations.

Followed by a cooling tower Secretary General on the work of Yin Syndrome characteristics and requirements of each industry associations; discussions to determine the Articles of Association, organizational rules and financial management practices; preparations for the inaugural meeting of the cooling equipment branch; industry associations over the next five-year development plan ; third Presidency election Study will total 5 issues to the participating trustees were introduced draft and submitted to the governing discussed, trustees for the good wishes for the initial operation of the Association proposed allegiance Ken's comments. After meeting for up to six hours of discussion, board members on the above five matters finally reached a consensus and agreed to retain the cooling tower will study the academic community after the establishment of cooling equipment branch, and the Secretary-General Yin commissioned research will permit the completion of the Perfection summit left the details of the content.

Finally, concluding remarks after the summit in the cooling tower Han Ling Research Society president came to a close.