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Air-conditioning cooling tower design with reference --- Construction Design Mistakes


Cooling tower design reference

(1) Selection: various types of cooling towers cooling capacity (ie, x t / h) refers to the column nominal flow at design condition parameters and meteorological conditions. It should be designed to determine the work flow of the tower and the number of units depending on local climatic conditions and clients of the tower, and leave appropriate alternate coefficient. In addition to cooling towers should consider using its cooling efficiency, power consumption, noise field and external factors, and prices should be preferred flame cooling tower according to the anti-inflammatory requirements and environmental conditions.

(2) the installation location: to do the preliminary design, the position of the cooling tower shall be carefully considered. Noise cooling tower of large, so its installation location should be chosen to avoid affecting other rooms. Residential and office building should maintain a certain distance, so that the cooling tower noise field to decay: daytime ≤55dB (A), night ≤45dB (A). And should not be set in the middle of the roof or on the ground, the best on the most high-rise buildings. As shown in Figure 2.8.6-1.

(3) Weight: According to Japanese data, the weight of the cooling tower, lateral Min m2 equivalent to 0.8t, stand about 2 ~ 3t type around. Domestic cooling tower can access everything. BLS with domestic low-noise cooling tower, for example, are shown in Table 2.8.6-1.

(4) to take over: take over the tower around, we should note the following:

1) cooling tower outlet pipe must rely on gravity to return the pump can not be bent on bending. From the pump suction port it is best to have a straight pipe length of 5 times the diameter, without affecting the pump delivery rate.

2) working in parallel on several cooling towers, water allocation will be unbalanced, it can easily cause an overflow, so pay attention to the pipe resistance balance between the various cooling tower design, especially the tower to the pump suction pipe section. At the same time in between the cooling tower basin and hope to use the same diameter water mains pressure equalizing (balancing pipe) connection. In addition, in order to make the cooling tower water level consistent water trunk mains water should be used more than two sizes large manifold, as shown in Figure 2.8.6-2.

3) When several cooling towers in parallel, the same should be the basis for determining the water level height of each tower.

Cooling water circulation pump wrong place

Phenomenon: a project 10 floors above ground, underground 4 floors, the tower on the roof as well as three layers. 5 layer has a computer room, using a water-cooled units, cooling towers located in the top of the tower, the water pump located in the tower roof down, and the pump is mounted on the inlet of the cooling tower, the results can not cycle, but also produce severe ringing .

Cause: Pump: The suction head is less than the resistance of the pipe network. In general, the outlet pipe of the cooling tower is preferably by gravity flow into the pump. Coolant pump suction lift of about 3 ~ 4m m water column.

Solution: After pumping water from the cooling tower on the inlet to the outlet pipe to change the cooling tower, everything is normal, as shown in Figure 2.8.3-1 (a), (b).

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