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Cooling tower design temperature pressure factor


1, the cooling tower design meteorological conditions
Atmospheric pressure: P = 99.4 × 103 kPa
Dry bulb temperature: θ = 31.5 ℃
Wet bulb temperature: τ = 28 ℃ (square and common type is 27 ℃)
Cooling tower design parameters 1. Standard: into the tower water temperature 37 ℃, the tower water temperature 32 ℃
2. The medium temperature: into the tower water temperature 43 ℃, the tower water temperature 33 ℃
3. High temperature: into the tower water temperature 60 ℃, the tower water temperature 35 ℃
4. Normal: into the tower water temperature is 37 ℃, the tower water temperature 32 ℃
5. Large Tower: the tower into the water temperature 42 ℃, the tower water temperature 32 ℃
6. The amount of cooling water Q (m3 / h)
     Needless to say this, remember to choose the cooling water tower when the calculated coefficients to be multiplied by 1.15 on it.

7. The temperature difference between the tower and out
    Important parameters of cooling tower selection, cooling towers civilian standard tower design conditions for the water temperature 37 ℃, water 32 ℃, the temperature difference is out of the tower is 5 ℃; industrial cooling tower design conditions generally divided into 65 ℃ -45 ℃ , 43 ℃ -33 ℃, 40 ℃ -32 ℃ several files, and out of the column temperature up to 8 ℃ -20 ℃.
8. The wet bulb temperature τ (℃)
       The difference between the cooling tower and the return water temperature of the cooling range is generally referred to it depends on the ambient air wet bulb temperature. Efficacy with cold water cooling tower water temperature difference between the temperature of the intake ball rheumatism or called ju proximity value to measure. Therefore, the local wet bulb temperature changes directly affect the cooling effect of the cooling tower.
9. The dry bulb temperature 0 (℃)
      Air cooling tower is the use of air heat conduction cooling to achieve, mainly affected by air dry bulb temperature. Due to the high air dry bulb temperature, heat smaller than the heat capacity is limited, and low cooling efficiency, therefore, need air cooler has a large surface area, so that the high cost of air coolers.

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