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Product Features

High heat transfer efficiency, small setting area

  Adopting the patented technology of Japanese Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (complex sine wave structure) for the filling in production, with 100% raw material vacuum forming. Therefore, the water flow forms a uniform water film in the surface of filling material, achieving full contact between the water and wind, expanding the heat transfer area, extending the residence time of water in the surface of filling material, greatly improving the heat transfer effect, and saving floor space.

  Quiet running sound

  Adopting the FRP (fiber reinforce plastic) ultra-low noise axial fan developed by Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. designed for cross-flow cooling tower (because of large rotary arc length and big ventilation area, with noise concentrated in the tail of blade while running, the noise generated from transmission portion is minimum). Three-dimensional structure of the filling material slows the water flow rate; water distribution by nature gravity of plate porous enables the inlet water pressure to be 0; drips directly flow into the water through the precise level control by inlet float valve, virtually eliminating flow noise.



  Energy-saving, water droplets drift

  Since the filling material is consistent with the principles of fluid mechanics design, and the use of FRP (FRP) made axial fans, axial fans and the ventilation tube made funnel-shaped, thus greatly reducing the fan power required; waterproof filling material on both sides flower splash advanced technology structure to eliminate the loss of water splashing. Low speed fan system, avoiding the excessive wind, wind speed too fast with a lot of water, so that leaching losses of up to 0.01%. Copper four bodies floating ball valve imports, the use of water pressure belt, the automatic water supply switch sensitivity reached world leading level, effectively saving water consumption, but also to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water pump.



  Strong capability of anti-corrosion and anti-rust

  All steel (including backbone structure, bulk tank, pipe groove and fastener) is made from hot-dip galvanizing, strictly in compliance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS H 8641-1982), while superior to the national standard (GB/T 13912 -9), with the adhesion amount above 500g/m2, meeting the domestic hot-dip galvanized standard for marine use, and with service life up to 25 years. The blade is made of high quality FRP material, with the corrosion resistance far superior to aluminum blades, and fully meets the service life of whole machine.



  Strong flame retardancy, high safety

  PVC filling is made from 100% pure raw materials, flame retardant and anti-aging agent, having passed the detection of state fire authority, with oxygen index up to 33.4, and with Level B1 and above flame retardancy. It also passed the most rigorous testing of the most authoritative International SGS based on ASTM E84-2009C Testing Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, reached the Class A (the highest level). In addition, the flame retardant and anti-aging agent is added for , greatly improving the safety of the device.

  Special ergonomic design

 The motor is disposed appropriately on the side of the fan housing to avoid water vapor blowing directly on the shock. Besides, the imported brand motor dedicated for outdoor use increases the service life of the motor. In order to overcome the property of easy to damage of FRP used in water channel and bulk tank originally, Spindle took the lead to change the materials into hot-dip galvanized steel. The advanced external fan and fuel injection system (oil gun injection) makes the operation and maintenance much easier.

High quality of component configuration, long service life

  In order to ensure reliable operation of the cooling tower, the wearing parts are all imported including belts, bearings, pulleys and float valves. Optimized combinations are used initiatively: replacing several separated belts by a joint group of belt, and using the bearing whose spherical center can be adjustable from the spherical surface to ensure a smooth and correct running of fan system, greatly extending the service life of fan system; using float valve with four-single rod structure to enable its sensitive to water replenishing and long service life.

  Seismic design

  To meet the earthquake condition of Japan, the horizontal seismic level is designed as 1.0, and the vertical seismic level is 0.5, in line with Standard No. 1101 issued by the Japanese Ministry of Construction. It is equivalent that, the steel strength of cooling tower can resist Level 8 seismic intensity, and above 250kg/m2 grade of wind strength (greater than Level 12 typhoon).