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Certification of Japan Cooling Twer
Founded in 1950 and headquartered in the United States, CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) is the most authoritative certification organization for performance test of cooling towers, as a non-profit technology institute it is committed to improving the technology, design, performance and maintenance of cooling towers and cooling tower systems. CTI certification is defined as STD-201 that provides an independent guarantee before the equipment is delivered and installed. It guarantees that the cooling tower satisfies the thermal performance data provided by the manufacturer, and after obtaining CTI certification in advance it is confirmed that the performance of the system meets the design objectives, without the need for costly on-site testing.

Ertification of US Cooling Technology Institute(CTI)
JCI (Japan Cooling Tower Industry Association) was established in 1963 and is the most prestigious non-profit organization of Japan’s cooling tower industry. JCT’s work involves noise control, maintenance, technical application, information gathering and standard setting of cooling towers and the organization is devoted to improving product quality of cooling towers. The cooling towers produced by JCI members must satisfy the strict standards in design indexes with respect to performance, noise and maintenance set by JCI and JCT’s label should be posted on each cooling tower that leaves the factory.